The Statewide Employees Combined Campaign (SECC) for employee giving has begun! You can make a pledge to nearly 500 charities anytime between now and November 30 this year.

SECC raises money to support a wide range of nonprofits doing important work like protecting our natural resources, defending civil and human rights, providing critical social services, and so much more. This campaign was created for you and other State and UW employees across the state.

You decide:

  • How you want to give – choose payroll contribution, credit card, EFT, cash or check.
  • Where your dollars go – when you designate your gift to specific charities, only the charities you choose will receive money from you. Pick from nearly 500 state, national and international charities.

To make your pledge:

  • If you've given before, login with your previous information
  • All other statewide employee accounts are pre-registered.  To login click on "Login Now" in the upper right hand corner OR click on "Login or Register Here" in the middle of the screen. Log in using the following information:
    *Username: your state email address

    *Password: your employee ID number, followed by your initials, first and last name, in uppercase (example 99999CW)
  • Find out more information about the charities available to support
  • Follow the instructions on the website to pledge or make a donation

To give via paper pledge form, please call 608-888-9586 or email for a paper pledge form and materials. 

Thank you for your work as an employee of the State of Wisconsin! State employees have a great impact on the quality of life for all citizens of Wisconsin—every day at work and through the ways you donate and volunteer.

Your gifts make a difference for your community, your state, and your world. Please consider donating to the charities you care about through SECC.

The SECC-Statewide online pledging tool is for University of Wisconsin employees who work outside of Dane, Waukesha, and Milwaukee counties.

Thank you!




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